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Five JUNIOR SUITES in FENG SHUI STYLE based on five types/energies WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH and METAL, each with its own characteristics. All of our Junior Suites have been designed, furnished and decorated according to Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui is a very ancient Oriental art, which studies the deep interaction between humans and the environments, as well as how to get benefits from them.

Water is linked to the Northern direction, to the blu, water green, tin green, black, transparent colours and in general to all shiny and reflecting surfaces, to soft and irregular shapes. Water is an expression of night, moon, cold, the maximum of yin, creativity, preserve, help grow, mother earth, the female gender, kidneys and ears. The water archetype is linked to the regeneration; the Water Junior Suite is particularly suitable for anyone who is restless and does not sleep well.

The Earth is linked to the intermediate direction, for example the South-West. to the white , dark brown, but also grey and okra colours, to square or rectangular shapes. Earth is energy which stops and gives stability. It is necessary and important .and it is expression of stability, safety, reflection, calm. It is linked to the digestive system. This Junior Suite is ideal for those who want a rest, take it easy and then start again.

Fire is linked to the Southern direction. To sunshine yellow, orange, red, violet in bright and shiny hues colours, to triangular and pointed shapes, with fire and flames. Fire is linked to the sun, midday, warmth, summer, the maximum of yang, the top energy level, the heavenly father, intelligence, fame, success, speed, blood, circulation, the earth. This Junior Suite is suitable for those who are excessively calm and need more vitality.

Wood is linked to the Eastern direction, to green colours in all hues, except for those which are very dark, to all oblong shapes stretching upwards like skyscrapers, tree trunks or reeds. It is important to understand that the wood archetype is linked to anything growing and developing, to springtime, young people, innovation, study and search for innovation. Wood is linked to the ability to create new things, to the awakening, to the will to act, upward movement, the feet and legs. This Junior Suite is therefore suitable for those who need more energy.

Metal is linked to the West direction. To metal colours but also shiny white, to rounded shapes, such as circle, the oval, the arc. Metal is energy os sunset, of the autumn, of things which are coming to an end, of old age, wisdom, but it also expresses power, the ability to judge and therefore authority and command, self control and self esteem. This Junior Suite is particularly suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to stop and take stock/assess his or her life and situations, but also for those who need more self-esteem.